Akai VHS VCR Model VS-616UM


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Vintage Akai Hi-Fi Stereo VHS VCR Model VS-616UM


Akai VHS VCR Information



Akai Hi-Fi Stereo VHS VCR model VS-616UM. Manufactured in 1986 and 1987. A rare right side loading VCR, this VCR is loaded with features, MTS broadcast stereo reception, full on screen programming and display. The clock, counter, channels are displayed with on screen display, It was not common for VCRS to not have a front clock display, also has a tape view light, with a mirror to show tape position, LED VU meters, picture soft/sharp, return to 0000, records in SP and SLP speeds, and plays in all three speeds, record level with indicator headphones output and many more features. This VCR was slightly ahead of the times way back then. On screen display and programming was very limited during those times. Neat VCR!