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Thread: Lafayette RK86A Deluxe Cassette Recorder--need AC power cord

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    Default Lafayette RK86A Deluxe Cassette Recorder--need AC power cord

    Topic says it all. This portable recorder probably dates back to the 1960s. It will run on batteries, and does so very nicely, but also on AC. The power cord had two female pins spaced approximately 7/32" (.219") apart,
    in a hard-rubber rectangular housing that fit into a rectangular port about 15/32" wide by about 11/32" high, with a sensor bump in the middle of the top that switches the machine from battery to AC.
    I was very pleased with the performance of this machine as far as recording quality, even of live piano, and I'd like to get it fully back to operation.

    I will try to post pictures of the machine and the socket, if they are not too big to post.
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    It will be very difficult to find that exact Lafayette power cord. But there are plenty of others still around with the same size/spaced 2 pin prong connectors that came from various other manufacturers of 60's/early 70's RTR's,portable radios,phonographs etc. But you might need to do a little filing down on the hard rubber casing to make them fit.
    I have quite a few but reside in the UK.
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