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Thread: Tesla AKR303 klangfilm speakers

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    Default Tesla AKR303 klangfilm speakers


    I’ve recently been working on turning my basement into a home movie theatre and music room. It’s going to be an awesome man cave for watching movies and listening to music loud. I’ve got myself a sweet 4K Movie player and a 4K projector for the movies and have moved my Hi Fi down there to boot. The speakers that I have just aren’t cutting it at the moment though so I’m looking to upgrade.

    I did a bit of research, looking at vintage speakers for sale online and found the Tesla AKR303 vintage klangfilm speakers. They look pretty amazing:


    I’ve never heard these speakers before but the reviews online have been pretty good and this is a refurbished first edition pair. Does anyone have any experience with these speakers? Any advice on whether they would be good for both movies and music listening? Or are there any alternatives I should be looking at for about the same price point. These are going for around 2700.

    Thanks in advance for any help.
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