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    Smile Lots of stuff

    Hello everyone:

    I have an assortment of a/v equipment and accessories left over from when I used to travel the US with my Wife as she would teach in various cities, where adult teachers were working on their Masters degrees in the creative arts. I would document their final performance projects, using SVHS, bring the raw material back to the studio at home to edit, using an Amiga computer with an SVHS genlock, combined with a switcher/effects generator and create animations for the opening and closing of the performances, and make VHS copies to distribute to the students.

    All in all, it was a lot of fun, and consequently I have all this gear and accessories still in working condition that needs a new home, rather than the second hand shops or the landfill, so if anyone thinks they may be interested in any of it, please let me know, and perhaps we can work something out. I am located on the West Coast of Canada, on Vancouver Island. I will be attempting to put together a master list of the major components, but there are too many incidentals to itemize, as the collection has accumulated over MANY years.

    Look forward to hearing from some of you in the near future.



    Finally getting somewhere with this. Here is a partial list of equipment that has been tested, and the status of each unit. Have not established a value on any of this yet, not until I have completed my inventory. In the meantime, I have photos, and can forward them to any interested parties, and am open to discussions of interest. All equipment has manuals and remotes, some original boxes.

    VIDEO GEAR Format Condition

    Panasonic AG 450 Camera SVHS Working
    Electrohome AVR G96 Deck SVHS Working
    Mitsubishi U80 Deck SVHS Working
    Panasonic AG 1980 Deck SVHS Working
    Mitsubishi HSU 65 C Deck SVHS Working
    Panasonic PV V45355 K Deck VHS Working
    Hitachi DV PF73U C Combo Deck VHS Working
    Toshiba D VR7KC Combo Deck VHS Tape problem
    Panasonic WJAVE5 A/V Mixer SVHS Working
    Citizen JCTV0203 Combo Monitor/VCR VHS VCR works, Monitor has problem with Vertical scan
    4-Sony Trinitron KV8AD 10 AC/DC Monitors 3 working, 1has problem on A/C Power supply

    Tamron Fotovix 87RU Film/Slide Video Processor RCA output Working
    Tamron Fotovix Film/Slide Video Processor Working

    Accessories, Misc, etc to follow.
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    Default Edit Bay Image

    Here is an image of a typical Edit Bay arrangement

    _MG_6323 Setup.jpg

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    Note: Edit suite now listed for sale. See new post in for sale category.

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