Looking to change out my 2 channel setup. Currently running an old Luxman L-210 with some speakers that appear to be homemade. Long story short is that I am considering changing things out for a number of reasons. As sad as this sounds some of it is aesthetics (wife)...I know I know but we just renovated a room in the basement and she has afforded me many small luxuries in that room but would like the 2 channel system to be different. Blah Blah Blah so I am considering the Polk RTiA3 and pairing it with a Yamaha R-S700. Pol's would be purchased lightly used for around $125US and the 700 for around $325US new. Obviously I cannot audition them together as once I buy the used Polk's they are mine.
Sources are CD, Sonos and possibly FLAC files from my NAS down the road.

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