I just found this forum today and I am very excited to read through the posts! I have always been a fan of video equipment and am especially fond of this certain model.

When I was around 12 years old (1984), my Dad bought the family a Sharp QC-54 video camera along with the VCR that you had to carry around with it, the Sharp VC-363. With those items we also had the bag for the VCR portion as well as the bag for the camera. When I was a kid, I dubbed these bags "space bags" as they were silver and somewhat puffy and looked like an astronaut would carry his/her trinkets in it (Tang, moon rocks, etc).

I made many a video with this equipment, and for some reason it has always been burned in my psyche! Sure I have bought other equipment over the years, but do not have the "Wonder Years" nostalgic attachment to those as I did this.

Well, recently I purchased off eBay the VCR, Camera, the bag for the VCR! I am so close to the complete set of my youth! What is missing? The bag for the camera. Anyone out there on this forum know of where one may be? I realize its a waiting game on eBay, and I was SO close yesterday! I found one! I ordered it! It was a greenlight GO! Before bed I shot a message to the seller just to confirm that the bag was included in the purchase of the camera. (The camera was in such bad shape, but I already have one I did not care and know that I will probably never see a bag for sale on its own) I wake up this morning to a message from the seller.....somehow, the bag in the picture has gone missing.

So I found this awesome forum and I am reaching out for any tips, tricks, or if there is someone out there who wants to help me out. The 12 year old in me sure would love to find that "space bag."

Thanks in advance! I have attached a few photos to show you what the bag looks like: