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Thread: Greetings all.... new member here!

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    Default Greetings all.... new member here!

    Hi everyone,

    Thought I'd introduce myself quickly here, really excited to be part of this forum!

    Florida resident here, been interested in vintage audio gear since I was in my pre-teens. It later became more than just "tinkering" and more of a job now. I work at a electronics repair shop that specializes in vintage electronics. I have quite the personal collection too, this disease has become so addictive that it's taken up two rooms!

    While I much enjoy the warm sound of tubes, and their pretty glow, (of course SS falls in as well) I also like portable sound, such as walkmans and boomboxes. BIG fan of oldschool ghettoblasters!

    Anyways, I look forward to my stay here, learning more, and perhaps sharing my knowledge on to others.

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    lake worth, fl
    Real Name: Rob Beaumont


    Welcome to the wasteland.
    Give me Vintage, or Give me Death!!
    the infamous stereorob has spoken!!!

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