I got this machine a few months ago but just recently found tapes for it. This is a Sony Betamax from 1979 and was the first to introduce BetaScan review and cue controls and also first to use the BIII recording mode. I paid less than $60 for this machine (that includes the shipping too) on eBay. This is probably the best deal I could have gotten on eBay as most other Betamax VCRs are in the $100+ range not including the shipping and even then they arrive in questionable condition.

Anyway this VCR runs very well, the idle tire is still smooth and uncracked and the belts aren't stretched. This thing is also huge weighing in at 36lbs of pure hardware.

My father told me that his one uncle had an identical VCR to this one with a camera and also a Blonder tongue for broadcasting the vcr throughout his house. I really gotta ask if he still has any of that stuff.

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