I have a monaural SuperBeta machine who has an annoying video noise problem: When I play whatever tape that I put in the machine the image has an annoying noise, kind of an old analog broadcast, but when I put the player on pause, the image is perfectly fine without any kind of noise.

Recently, the video heads were replaced for the first time since the machine was bought brand new by one relative of mine in 1989 (The part number is A-6762-378-A and the reference is DFR-01-R). Also, the loading mechanism and the tape path were serviced and realigned.

This player has the known 711B3 chassis and the electronics are exactly the same like the Sony SL-810D.

I put a sample of the problem, playing a custom made alignment tape on Superbeta mode and BII speed. The video has some jitter since I didn't take the sample with a TBC.

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