VHS VCR Information:

JVC VHS VCR model HR-D140U. Circa mid 1980s, around 1985-86 era. Features, SP and EP record modes, playback in all three speeds, 1 event - 14 day timer, 4 Video heads, function display which displays clock, counter and more, wireless remote, and more. Well built VCR.

Known Issues: After the VCR has been setting without use for years, the tape transport gears will seize up. This will cause the VCR to fail in playback mode as the transport will not fully take the tape around the head drum. The gears are located on the top part of the chassis next to the tape transport and drum. Adding oil and/or grease will free up the gears. Using WD40 is only good to free up seized gears, not to use as oil for the long run. Some may mistake this as a belt issue located in this section. Feel free to share your info about common issues on the Forums.

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