Kenwood Stereo Receiver Model KR-750


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Vintage Kenwood Stereo Receiver Model KR-750


Kenwood Stereo Receiver Information


Kenwood AM/FM stereo receiver model KR-750. Manufactured in 1980 to 1983. Rated at 60 watts per channel at 8 ohms. Features, auto tuning, two tape in/outputs, one phono input, one aux input, filters - Subsonic - high on/off, loudness on/off, present on/off, IF band narrow/wide, signal led indicator, and both right, left led power watt meters. Neat Kenwood receiver.





1. Zero switching with dynamic bias current virtually eliminates crossover distortion

2. Auto-Scan fully automated AM/FM tuning with digital frequency readout and analog scale.

3. Touch-Sensor servo-lock tuning, automatically locks in FM stations.

4. Star tracer green light, indicates exact AM and FM tuning.

5. Five FM memory presents

6. Noise-Free phono section: 91db signal to noise ratio.

7. Color-Coded LED power and tuning indicators.