VHS VCR Information:

MGA VHS VCR model HS-100U. The very first consumer VHS VCR to hit the market in the year 1977 in the United States, Japan was in 1976. This is a rebadge of the JVC HR-3300U. There were slightly different revisions of this JVC made VHS VCR including MGA, RCA, and JVC labels, Also Ferguson in the UK. The very first VHS VCR ever made. Made by JVC, and was sold and distributed by MGA/Mitsubishi. These VHS VCRS are the ones that started the famous VHS format. While Sony's Betamax was only a year into production, Betamax at the time was only capable of recording for one hour, while this first VHS VCR was capable of double the time (Two hours). At this time both Beta and VHS VCRS were single speed VCRS, which was SP with VHS and B1 for Beta. This model features two heads, a clock, timer, analog counter, audio/video in/outputs. Defiantly a classic.

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