Panasonic Omnivision VHS VCR Model PV-1360

VHS VCR Information:

Panasonic Omnivision VHS VCR model PV-1360. Manufactured on January 30, 1986. Features, front loading, a clock, tape light, all three speeds, SP, LP, SLP, counter with reset, 11 function wireless remote, 14 day 2 event timer, standby one touch recording, double speed playback without sound, noiseless slow-motion with slow-motion/double speed tracking control, noiseless still-frame. Track on double speed playback does not track the picture very well on these models. HQ picture. Full function display including stop mode.

Common Problems: Power supply. The symptoms will start with many different malfunctions. To name a few, front display/clock/counter/functions starts to become dim in areas, eventually going out completely, VCR does not power on, distorted picture during playback. Power supply kits are available for most of these Panasonic made VCRS at Studio Sound Electronics located in the links section. Feel free to share your info about the common issues with these Panasonic built VCRS on the Forums.

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