Panasonic Omnivision VHS VCR Model PV-2812

VHS VCR Information:

Panasonic Omnivision VHS VCR model PV-2812. Dated November 19, 1988. The first generation of the slim, on screen display with blue screen, fully remote programmable VHS VCR. Most functions were only on the remote control, which made it hard to use the VCR if remote quite working or was lost. On these the whole front panel display was not featured as everything displayed on screen, these types of VCRS were manufactured by Panasonic throughout the late 1980's to the early 90s when manufacturers under Panasonic brought back the front panel display and the common operating functions on the VCR. These were the original VCRS that made OSD and blue screen become popular, as all VCRS beginning in the 90s featured this, also most of today's DVD players have OSD and blue screen. Only one rubber belt in these VCRS which makes for very reliable machines without much maintenance.

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