Philips Super VHS VCR Model VPH733TS01

VHS VCR Information:

Philips Super VHS Hi-Fi Stereo VCR model VPH733TS01. Panasonic made VHS VCR. Dated December 26, 1987. Features, full function and timer program wireless remote control, auto rewind, noise free slow motion, function display, which displays function indicators, noise free still and frame advance, electronic tape counter, record and playback in all three SP, LP, and EP modes, 30 day - 8 events timer, 4 heads, full on screen display, which displays all functions including channel, play, stop, REW, FF, still, counter, time, and many other functions, also a full blue screen timer program with help menus. This was still at the beginning of the age where on screen display became popular. The following year, the new Panasonics and relabeled VCRS did away with the function display on there VCRS. This model has the same mechanical chassis as the compact slim models do. Only one rubber belt in these VCRS which makes for very reliable mechanical chassis.

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