Pioneer Cassette Deck Model CT-F900

Cassette Deck Information:

Pioneer cassette recorder model CT-F900. From 1978. Certainly ahead of it's time. Features, two direct drive motors, dual capstan, record mute, digital counter readout with reset, timer start record, or playback, meter - peak - peak hold - average options, meter and counter bright dim option, counter memory for play and stop, repeat counter or end, monitor for tape or source, Dolby Nr system - on - off - on/filter off, output level control, input/line, input/line right/left controls also used for recording level, tape settings for STD and CrO2 tapes, both right/left mic inputs, phones output for stereo headphones, and both right/left VU meters. Neat cassette deck!!

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Pioneer Cassette Deck Model CT-F900 Pictures

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