Pioneer Stereo Receiver Model QX-9900

Stereo Receiver Information:

Pioneer AM/FM stereo receiver model QX-9900. From the early 1970s. Rated at 38x4 into 8 ohms, 50x4 into 4 ohms. Features two tape in/outputs front and rear, two aux inputs front and rear, two phono inputs, loudness on/off front and rear selectors, filters high and low on/off, audio muting -20db on/off, speakers front A & B on/off, Rear A & B on/off, MPX noise filter on/off, phones outputs front and rear, FM muting on/off, modes - 2ch stereo - matrix regular (4ch modes) - SQ - discrete, selectors - AM - FM mono - FM auto - phono one - phono two - aux one - aux two, meter levels -10db on/off -20db on/off, balance front right/left, rear right/left and front to rear, reverberation time/min/max and modes for front - rear - mode off - mic, both left right mic inputs with both left, right mic mixing control knobs, separate treble and bass controls front/rear, both tuning and signal meters and four power watt meters for each channel. Neat receiver and loaded with features.

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