Pioneer Stereo Receiver Model SX-D5000

Stereo Receiver Information:

Pioneer AM/FM quartz synthesized stereo receiver model SX-D5000. From 1980 - 1973. Rated at 80 watts per channel. The 1970s were out and the new decade of the 1980s were in at the time. The new digital age was at the beginning as the big home receivers with the dial scale were becoming the thing of the past. This was pioneers first digital receivers series with the "D" in the beginning of the model number, which featured a digital tuner and 6 different memory presents called "Station Call" this receiver is loaded with features, two tape in/outputs, one phono input, one aux input, adaptor on/off, tone on/off, low filter on/off, mono mode on/off, muting -20db on/off, dim on/off, loudness on/off, FM-AM mute on/off, tape duplicate - 1-2 - 2-1 - off, phono mm/mic selector, FM 25 on/off, tuning auto/manual, station presents up/down, memory to program your stations to the station calls, both left, right power watt readout, station, tuning and signal readouts. Neat pioneer receiver!!

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