Realistic Stereo Receiver

Model STA-2100D


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Vintage Realistic Stereo Receiver Model STA-2100D


Realistic Stereo Receiver Information




Realistic (Radio Shack) stereo receiver model STA-2100D. Manufactured by Foster Electronics. This stereo was sold in the late 1970s. Rated at 120 watts per channel RMS. Features, both signal and tuning meters, also both right and left channel power watt meters, Dolby FM, high-mpx filter, high and low filters, -10db attenuator, two tape in/outputs, also a dubbing 1-2 2-1 switch, two phono inputs, and one aux input. also has FM Muting, loudness and separate bass, midrange and treble controls, two turnover switches for both treble and bass. Great stereo receiver.