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Company information:

Sony: In 1946 Tokyo Tsushin Kogyo K.K. (Tokyo Telecommunications Engineering Corporation), also known as Totsuko, established in Nihonbashi, Tokyo with start-up capital of 190,000 yen for the research and manufacture of telecommunications and measuring equipment. Over the years Sony manufactured many types of electronics including transistor radios, TVs, reel to reel recorders, and 8 track recorders. Sony invented quite a few electronics, Such as the Betamax VCR Sony which Sony launched in 1975. Sony remains to be one of the number one consumer products, everybody knows the name.

Sony and Superscope:

In 1957, Superscope's founders, Joseph, Irving, Nathan, and Fred Tushinsky were visiting Japan when they met with the executives of a fledgling Japanese electronics company named Sony. The Tushinskys discovered that Sony had seven stereo tape recorders, the world's first with built-in amplifiers. Soon realizing the potential for the tape recorders for the U.S. market, the Tushinskys within months contracted for exclusive rights to distribute them in the United States. The partnership was ideal. The Tushinskys' understanding of the needs of the American marketplace, combined with Sony's design and manufacturing expertise, propelled both companies to prominence. But despite their mutual origins, they remained separate entities. Superscope continued to expand and grow independently. Even as Sony in 1960 dropped the distributor of its transistor radios, Agrod, Superscope continued to market and distribute Sony tape recorders exclusively in the United States until January 1, 1975, at which time Sony acquired back distribution rights to its line of tape recorders from Superscope. But by 1973 Superscope, having seen the writing on the wall, was producing its own line of professional portable cassette recorders for the worldwide market. During the 1960's Sony released a variety of Sony/Superscope branded reel-to-reel and cassette tape recorders

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Sony Audio Equipment

Sony classic audio equipment gallery. This gallery contains vintage 1950s - 1980s audio equipment. Sony stereo receivers, 8 track recorders, cassette decks, and reel to reel tape recorders.

Note: Galleries do not go in any specific order. We do try and keep older equipment at the top of each list as the lists goes down to newer.

Sony Stereo Receivers

Sony Stereo Receiver Model STR-7015
Sony Stereo Receiver Model STR-313L

Sony 8-Track Players/Recorders

Sony 8-Track Recorder Model TC-228

Sony Cassette Decks

Sony/Superscope Reel To Reel Tape Recorders

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