Sylvania VHS VCR Model VC8972AT01

VHS VCR Information:

Sylvania Hi-Fi Stereo VHS VCR model VC8972AT01. Short model number VC8972. Features, full function and timer program wireless remote control, direct drive capstan motor, auto rewind, noise free slow motion, centralized function display, which displays stop play, REW, FF, and other functions, noise free still and frame advance, TV stereo, electronic tape counter, record and playback in all three SP, LP, and EP modes, 3 weeks - 8 events timer, 4 heads, full on screen display, which displays all functions including channel, play, stop, REW, FF, still, counter, time, and many other functions, also a full blue screen timer program with help menus. These VCRS were slightly ahead of the times in that era. The function display being one of the best features. This was still at the beginning of the age where on screen display became popular. The following year, the new Panasonic made VCRS did away with the function display on there VCRS. This would be one of the rare models to feature both functions on the VCR and on screen. Many versions/manufactured brands under Panasonic, of these VCRS were being produced at that time, both top and front loading versions with basically the same electronics. Neat VCR!!

Common Problems: Power supply. The symptoms will start with many different malfunctions. To name a few, front display/clock/counter/functions starts to become dim in areas, eventually going out completely, VCR does not power on, distorted picture during playback. Power supply kits are available for most of these Panasonic made VCRS at Studio Sound Electronics located in the links section. Feel free to share your info about the common issues with these Panasonic built VCRS on the Forums.

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