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Company information:

The history of Panasonic goes back to when Konosuke Matsushita founded Matsushita Electric Devices Manufacturing Company in 1918. See how the company evolved and developed into one of the leading electronics companies in the world today.

The belief in our basic management objective to devote ourselves to the progress and development of society and the well-being of all people around the globe has been the foundation of the company.

Technics Name:

The name Technics was introduced as a brand name for premium loudspeakers marketed domestically by Matsushita in 1965. The name came to widespread fame with the international sales of direct-drive turntables. In 1969, they introduced the SP-10, the first direct-drive model for the professional market, and in 1971 the SL-1100 for the consumer market. The SL-1100 was used by the influential DJ Kool Herc for the first sound system he set up after emigrating from Jamaica to New York. This latter model was the predecessor to the SL-1200 which, as the upgraded SL-1200 MK2, became a widely used turntable by DJs. The SL-1200 MK2 was a robust machine and incorporated a pitch control (or vari-speed), and kept the speed constant and the speed variability low, thus making it a popular tool with DJs.

More history and information is available at Panasonic's websites.

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Technics/Panasonic Audio Equipment

Technics/Panasonic classic audio equipment gallery. This gallery contains vintage 1950s - 1980s audio equipment. Technics/Panasonic stereo receivers, 8 track recorders, and cassette decks.

Note: Galleries do not go in any specific order. We do try and keep older equipment at the top of each list as the lists goes down to newer.

Technics Stereo Receivers

Technics Stereo Receiver Model SA-8500X
Technics Stereo Receiver Model SA-5170
Technics Stereo Receiver Model SA-110
Technics Stereo Receiver Model SA-203
Technics Stereo Receiver Model SA-500

Panasonic 8-Track Players/Recorders

Panasonic 8-Track Player Model RS-800AS
Panasonic 8-Track Player Model RS-801US
Panasonic 8-Track Player Model RS-801 AUS
Panasonic 8-Track Player Model RS-802US
Panasonic 8-Track Recorder Model RS-804US
Panasonic 8-Track Recorder Model RS-803US
Panasonic 8-Track Recorder Model RS-805
Panasonic 8-Track Recorder Model RS-806US
Panasonic 8-Track Player Model RS-807
Panasonic 8-Track Recorder Model RS-808
Panasonic 8-Track Player Model RS-845US
Panasonic 8-Track Recorder Model RS-855
Panasonic 8-Track Player Model RS-853
Panasonic 8-Track Recorder Model RS-856

Technics Cassette Decks

Technics/Panasonic Reel To Reel Tape Recorders

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