Wollensak 3M 8-Track Recorder Model 8080

8-Track Deck Information:

Wollensak 4 channel 8-Track recorder model 8080. From mid 1974. Was the last quad 8 Track recorder made by Wollensak, Features, fast forward, eject, auto eject on/off, repeat all/one, ARL on/off, stereo phones output, and left/right mic inputs. Unlike the 8055, This one features the Dolby system, FM decode, off, rec/play selector, tape equalization, regular/special selector, FM listen on/off. Says digital time counter, we all know it's analog, both right/left mic inputs, headphones output, both left/right record level sliders, and both right/left VU meters. Neat 8-Track recorder!

Wollensak 3M 8 Track Deck Model 8080 Pictures