Realistic VHS VCR Model 72

VHS VCR Information:

Realistic (Radio Shack) VHS VCR model 72. VCR is also labeled with the model number 16-653. Sanyo made VCR. Dated July of 1988 and was sold by Radio Shack all the way into 1996. Features on screen programming (OSP), front display with counter, channel, clock, and more, wireless remote, 14 day 4 events timer, 111 channel tuner, picture in picture, digital special effects, Records in all three SP, LP and EP speeds, Also has a selector to turn blue screen and auto mute on/off. Most of these VCRS will need a belt kit which can be found online, check out the check out the check out the Links page for details.

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Realistic VHS VCR Model 72 Pictures

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